Less common cosmetic surgeries

Less common cosmetic surgeries

Our friends at Byrdie nicely reviewed some rarer plastic surgery procedures that are becoming more popular:

  1. non-surgical rhinoplasty:

Liquid rhinoplasty simply involves injecting fillers into the bridge of the nose. It’s a great option for camouflaging a small bump, building up a flat bridge, or for fixing small imperfections after a normal rhinoplasty. This is gaining popularity as it leads to a quick fix with no downtime.

  1. hand fillers:

So many people concentrate on their face and then their hands give their age away. There is a new focus on the aging hand.  These increasingly popular injections plump up the hands, minimizing the appearance of bones and tendons to create a smoother, more youthful look.

  1. neck liposuction (for just under the chin!):

Many patients have a little extra fat under their chin, which can easily be removed.

  1. eyelid procedures:

As we get older, the skin on our upper eyelids droops, and the fat on our lower eyelids becomes displaced, creating a puffy appearance. Plastic surgeons are often able to remove excess skin from the upper lids without general anesthesia.  Patients leave with a freshened, more awake appearance.

Dr. Yee enjoys using refined techniques for these procedures, as they can lead to subtle improvements.

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