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Why a Breast Lift Might be Right for You

If you have had significant changes in weight, or have seen your breasts change after pregnancy (or just over time, thanks to gravity!), a breast lift can help you regain a fuller, rounder shape that sits higher on your chest wall. A breast lift is also appropriate if you are having implants removed, as often the resulting breast shape is flatter than you might wish. Sometimes a breast implants can be added for more volume and fullness in the décolletage area. Dr. Yee will discuss your goals and develop a plan with you, based on your anatomy and desired look.

Mastopexy Procedure

The main components of a breast lift are removing excess skin (including the outer part of the areola when it’s enlarged) and reshaping the remaining breast tissue, typically through incisions around the new areola, and extending downward to the lower crease of the breast, and often an additional extension in the crease under the breast.

Mastopexy Recovery

Dr. Yee recommends you have someone stay with you the night after surgery, as the anesthetic wears off; you might be drowsy and need help getting up. You may return to work in 3-5 days with some limitations on physical activity. You should not lift anything over 10 pounds for 3 weeks or engage in any high-impact aerobics workouts or activities that increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute for at least 3 weeks. Walking is fine.

For more information about how a mastopexy can help you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Yee.