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I had a great time at our national plastic surgery society meeting in Chicago at the end of September, getting updates in the latest developments in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery!  I also really enjoy Chicago for the food and architecture.  Soon after I returned I also visited a local expert, Dr. Hani Sbitany at UCSF, to see up close how he does pre-pectoral breast reconstruction.  Typically we have been planning and placing permanent implants to sit under the pectoralis muscle, as the muscle coverage reduces the incidence of capsular contracture and protects the implant.  However many patients do not like the feel or look of their implants moving when the pectoralis muscle flexes, especially if they are thin.  With the acellular dermal matrix (ADM) we have been using, Dr. Sbitany and others have expanded the usage so that the ADM covers the entire implant.  Because of the prior history of capsular contracture problems (firm, hard, painful, visible implants) with implants not covered by muscle I had not wanted to be in the forefront; I like to see the data others collect on what situations these innovations work well in, before adopting new techniques.  So now I’m ready!

It has been a few years now that pre-pectoral implants have been used and the research shows that these can be a good option in many patients.  I am looking forward to offering this in primary breast reconstruction, as well as to my current patients who are unhappy with the animation that happens with pectoralis flexing.

We will be at the North Bay Women’s Expo at the end of this month also, come and visit!  I’ll be bringing the full range of breast implants including the newer cohesive gel implants as well as a new natural-feeling saline implant.  The first 300 visitors will get a goody bag including an exclusive special promotion that will be valid until the end of 2018!

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