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Now that spring is here, and our January detoxes are over, we get more inquiries about body sculpting.  One major point I always emphasize in my consultations is that for the best surgical results, patients should maximize their results from diet and exercise first.  I talked to my personal trainer, Christine Calaway about some common questions.

Since I generally recommend people optimize their weight through diet and exercise before surgery, to have the best results, what are your tips on getting rid of the last bit of stubborn weight?

The butt and glutes get a lot of focus, what are some exercises to help accentuate/strengthen this area?

These two exercises help to improve gluteal strength and stability:

Glute Bridge with Leg Extension

Lie on your back with your knees bend and feet flat.  Lift your hips upward while pivoting from your shoulders, keeping your neck flat.  Achieve full hip extension with a strong gluteal squeeze.  Without dropping your hips, lift one leg upward.  Hold for 2 seconds.  Return the leg to the ground.  Switch sides.  Hold for another 2 seconds.  Return your leg back down and perform 10 reps per leg.  Complete 2 sets.

Clamshells with Resistance Band

Lie on your side with a circular resistance band around your legs just above the knees.  Rest your head on your arm to keep you neck aligned with the rest of your spine.  Bend your knees, keeping you head, hips, and feet in line.  Lengthen your waist and stack your hips. Keeping your core stable and heels together, open your knees (like a clamshell).  Concentrate on activating your glutes to perform the movement.  Perform 20 reps per side.  Complete 2 sets.

Thanks Christine!  You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram @christine_calaway_cpt.