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This is a great essay on the modern usage of “flawless”.  One of my favorite parts:

It’s perhaps our first untroubled word for human beauty, free of the whiff of sexism that clings to many others. It doesn’t denote marriageability (like “nubile”) or beauty born of fragility (“comely”). Unlike its close relations “fair,” “perfect” and “immaculate,” it carries no overt religious connotations. And unlike “beautiful” itself, with its associations of perishability and status, “flawless” feels vigorous. It’s a word for integrity and excellence of execution. . . . Something interesting happens when a word that suggests action is applied to beauty: It recasts beauty as something that can be done, pulled off — not just possessed.

“Flaw” once evoked a shard; now “flawless” has come to mean plainly, powerfully, something unbroken, something defiantly whole.

Amen – women should decide for themselves and create their own beauty, as they wish.