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Home/Blog / Prosthetic hands from 3-D printers – beyond what plastic surgery can accomplish

What a cool prosthetic hand!

This is a great article on what 3D printing can accomplish to help children with severe hand anomalies – or who suffered devastating losses through trauma:

The children are like Ethan Brown, 8, who was born with two fingers missing on his left hand. Now he wears a Cyborg Beast in black and red, his school colors.

“It looks even cooler than the picture, ” he said. “It looks like Ironman or Spider-Man.”

He was once teased for his disability, said his mother, Melina Brown, of Opelika, Ala., who now volunteers for E-nable. “Now he’s different in a cool way, and the other kids say they want a new hand, too.”

We plastic surgeons can transplant toes for thumbs, and reconfigure tendons and remaining remnants to improve function, but there are still some problems that we can’t overcome.

I love that these bright, “superhero” hands are also a low-cost solution, and make the kids stand out in a positive way.