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Why Surgeons Listen to Music in the Operating Room

I was reminded of this article after a patient stopped me today to say, “I want to give you a compliment.”  We haven’t unveiled the final result, so to speak, so I was curious what he would say.

“When I went into the operating room, I was pretty anxious.  But hearing the music, you guys were rocking out and joking around, and I felt more relaxed.”

I’m glad our mood helped him relax!  I do like to listen to music in the OR, and also keep the mood light when possible.  I have been through many tense and intense moments while operating, so when we can be professional and at ease, it is nice – so there is some reserve when you have to ramp up!  (Fortunately in plastic surgery, that doesn’t happen too often.  Or at least, that’s how I like to proceed.)  Also, I think having a positive relationship helps when you do have to demand more from the team.

And it’s such a lovely treat when patients give positive feedback – because I don’t expect it, I’m there to care for and encourage them.