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Home/Blog / Uma Thurman – plastic surgery?

I’ve liked Uma Thurman since seeing her in Pulp Fiction.  Recently she was at a premiere and her new look drew a lot of attention.

To be fair, my professional opinion is that she changed up her makeup – and without eye makeup to define her eye shape and lashes, she simply looks very different.  I enjoyed this interview with her makeup artist for the night, and I agree with the interviewer:

Just because a woman is over 40 doesn’t mean she’s skipping off to get Botox. And, even if she did have a close, personal relationship with her plastic surgeon, it is not our prerogative to judge her for that. Our outward appearance has nothing to do with who we are as people, so we need to stop thinking of people who opt for fillers or other “work” as bad role models or having no self-confidence.

What is important here is the one detail that all the tabloids have been forgetting: “Uma felt beautiful,” Surratt says. 

I totally agree!