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Home/Blog / Kylie Jenner admits to lip injections

“Having lip injections is the new Botox” – or so they say.

Kylie Jenner has said for months that her full lips are natural, and girls have been using suction cups, spicy food (?!) and other tricks to try to replicate her very plush lips.   In this week’s episode of the Kardashian reality show, expect to see her come clean.

Kylie Jenner confesses

I’m glad she can be honest about this, as so many young girls want to be like her (as I discussed here) and it’s not fair for them to try to achieve something that’s not possible without a filler.  Also, I think it’s better to wait until all growth is done to use fillers!

It’s tough if you see images in magazines as an goal to achieve, rather than inspiration.  As you can see in these great videos, even professional models go through hours of retouching before that final image is published.  So not even they live up to that magazine standard.

For an in-depth look at the process, check out this fascinating profile of one of the busiest retouchers in the business.